Monday, July 13, 2009
Book Report: The Black Death by Nick Carter (1970)
Well, the book had no icepickings, but it had a bunch of murder and mayhem. This is the 56th book in this paperback series following a Killmaster for the secret agency AXE. Nick goes with a revolutionary to Haiti; she wants to invade, he wants to extract a physicist who is building the Haitian bomb. Carter recognizes their guide as a KGB agent with his own agenda. The plot utlimately gets explained as an afterthought. A Haitian nuke? Ah, who cares, BANG BANG naked woman BANG BANG knifing explosion naked woman. That's why one reads pulp.

As an addendum, I said this when I read another Nick Carter novel:
    Fortunately, no trained goats tempted Nick, or it would have been a much different story.
All I have to say about that is this book features a trained goat.

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