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Saturday, December 03, 2005
Collier Speaks Truth To Power
VodkaPundit2 uses a quote from Nolan Bushnell to explain why 18 million video game players represents a net loss over 20 million gamers over the last 20 years.

To his entry, I'll add this codicil: This will explain the growing popularity of games like Luxor, Zuma, Bejewelled, PopCap games, simple Yahoo! games, Uproar, and other sites moving into the simple games space. Granted, their games won't have the glitz of super graphics nor of Hollywoodization of video games, but in terms of profitability and marketshare, they will eat Take Two Studios' lunch.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005
What Kind Of Blogger Are You?
Dustbury asks, sorta, and I answer in comments:
    I tend to be more of an eighth type of blogger, the search-phrase blogger, who derives most of his traffic for weird fetishes explainable only by combinations of seemingly random terms.
Sad, but true: Although I've been doing this rather steadily for 2.5 years, my beautiful wife draws more traffic because of her legs than I do for my wit.

You see? You clicked the link above because I sorta said "beautiful legs."

Some Libertarians Up There Love Me
A shout out to Kevin Craig for Congress, the official blog of the Libertarian candidate for Missouri's 7th District.

I was formerly listed as a Republican Blogger in the sidebar, but I see now I'm a Missouri blogger. Thanks, Jake (the Missouri Libertarian), for not pigeonholing me. Remember, although I've never had a Republican candidate for Senate at one of my parties, I did keep up drinking with the Libertarian candidate for Senate at my thirtieth birthday party.

In Retrospect
How would it have benefitted the psyche of certain segments of the population if the National Weather Service had indulged Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and had hurricanes Keisha and Reanne hammered the Gulf Coast this year?

Monday, November 28, 2005
The Officer Feared For His Life
Sure, it was a deer, but it had big fangs:
    A St. Louis police officer fatally shot a deer on Sunday evening after it had apparently wandered from the Mississippi River to the construction area of the new Busch Stadium, authorities said.

Sunday, November 27, 2005
Noggle Asks, Drudge Answers
WHITE HOUSE PLAN IF SADDAM FOUND 'NOT GUILTY' (Drudge flash, so pardon me when it goes dark in the next 20 minutes):
    Senior Bush administration officials have considered the unthinkable: What if Saddam Hussein is found not guilty in his trial?

    "There will be more charges filed against him, and more charges after that, if needed... he has committed tremendous crimes," a top Bush source explained last week from Washington.
We at MfBJN speculated on this possibility: What If Saddam Hussein Goes O.J.?:
    At that point, Iraqi prosecutors can levy additional charges against Saddam Hussein, demonstrating that the rule of law as practiced in the West means that prosecutors can continue prosecuting and persecuting the accused with a plethora of laws and violations until such time as the target is found guilty or until the target is a broken and bankrupted person.
A fine beacon of rule of law, indeed.

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