Thursday, April 09, 2009
It Could Have Been A Tragedy
Semitrailer truck carrying kegs of beer rolls over near Miller Park on I-94:
    Crews will have to unload kegs of beer from a semitrailer that rolled over near Miller Park and they will have to close all westbound lanes of I-94 some time this afternoon when they're ready to remove the truck from the freeway.
Except for some minor bruising, the kegs seem to be okay.

You know what would really suck? Getting hit by a keg truck and having the accident rupture some kegs which leak into your car and into your mouth and and you get a DUI for it. Now that would suck.

That's what makes me exceptional at software QA. A good imagination for how it could be worse.

No word on whether the workers cleaning up the accident were provided with pretzels.

Or whether they bailed with mugs.

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