Wednesday, March 04, 2009
Book Report: The Giant Book of Insults by compiled by Louis A. Safian (1967)
This book collects two previous volumes' worth of one liners and insults, meaning it's 416 pages of quips and acid tongue baths. Most of the stuff is dated and not very good, but the book has enough amusing clips and whatnot that it rivals an Ogden Nash volume in the number of potential IM statuses and tweets you could use to sound clever.

If you wanted to republish this book, you could retitle it as the Giant Book of Tweets. If you're hankering for reading a big book of that sort thing, this is is your bag.

Of course, everyone who knows me will now have to doubt the originality of my zingers. Because I had no comic sense before, and now I'm even parts H.L. Mencken and Dorothy Parker.

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