Monday, February 09, 2009
Book Reading 2008 Wrap
You know, every year I provide a handy little boast list of how much I've read in one place. Because of the hiatus, I didn't get that list out.

Until now.

Read it and weep (for my lack of a life outside the pages):

  1. Friday by Robert Heinlein
  2. Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan by Vonda N. McIntyre
  3. Star Trek III The Search for Spock by Vonda N. McIntyre
  4. Heat by Ed McBain
  5. The Fred Factor by Steve Gill
  6. The Return by William Shatner
  7. The Best of Slate: A 10th Anniversary Anthology by David Plotz (ed.)
  8. Kill Him Twice by Richard S. Prather
  9. Lost in Yonkers by Neil Simon
  10. Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook by Scott Adams
  11. April Evil by John D. MacDonald
  12. Ranting Again by Dennis Miller
  13. Playgrounds of the Mind by Larry Niven
  14. Infinite Possibilities by Robert Heinlein
  15. Stranger in Paradise by Robert B. Parker
  16. Secret Prey by John Sandford
  17. Paris Kill-Ground by Joseph C. Rosenberger
  18. The Wrecking Crew by Donald Hamilton
  19. John Hawkwood: An English Mercenary in Fourteenth-Century Italy by William Caferro
  20. The Forge of God by Greg Bear
  21. First Blood by David Morrell
  22. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
  23. Mischief by Ed McBain
  24. Rambo: First Blood Part II by David Morrell
  25. Journey to Cubeville by Scott Adams
  26. Mad as Hell byMike Lupica
  27. The Dead Zone by Stephen King
  28. Man O' War by William Shatner
  29. The Running Man by Stephen King
  30. The Case of the Horrified Heirs by Erle Stanley Gardner
  31. Strange But True: Mysterious and Bizarre People by Thomas Slemen
  32. Top Ten of Everything 2008 byRussell Ash
  33. Michelangelo: His Life and Works byDonatello de Ninno
  34. Solved Selected by Richard Glyn Jones
  35. Pogo: We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us by Walt Kelly
  36. How to Break Web Software by Mike Andrews and James A. Whittaker
  37. Hard Times by Charles Dickens
  38. An Altogether New Book of Top Ten Lists by David Letterman
  39. Alice in Jeopardy by Ed McBain
  40. Space Wars: Worlds and Weapons by Stephen Eisler
  41. The Book of Tomatoes by National Gardening Magazine
  42. Rooster Cogburn by Martin Julien
  43. The Braille Woods by Ann Townsend
  44. Lonesome Cities by Rod McKuen
  45. Best Home Plans by Sunset Books
  46. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Tales by Washington Irving
  47. And To Each Season by Rod McKuen
  48. The Job by Douglas Kennedy
  49. Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling
  50. Red Zone by Mike Lupica
  51. Sweer Savage Heathcliff by George Gately
  52. Twice-Told Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  53. Bread by Ed McBain
  54. Paradise Alley by Sylvester Stallone
  55. Contrary Pleasure by John D. MacDonald
  56. Clash of the Titans by Alan Dean Foster
  57. A Pair of Blue Eyes by Thomas Hardy
  58. The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler
  59. No Witnesses by Ridley Pearson
  60. Phantom Prey by John Sandford
  61. Conquest by Hugh Thomas
  62. Shadows Over Baker Street edited by Michael Reeves and John Pelan
  63. Love Sonnets edited by Louis Untermeyer
  64. The End of the Night by John D. MacDonald
  65. The Private Dining Room by Ogden Nash
  66. Nobody's Safe by Richard Steinberg
  67. The Careless Corpse by Brett Halliday
  68. The Case of the Mischeivous Doll by Erle Stanley Gardner
  69. The April Robin Murders by Craig Rice and Ed McBain
  70. The Fruminious Bandersnatch by Ed McBain
  71. Murder at the ABA by Isaac Asimov
  72. I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore by Clarissa Start
  73. Murder Spins The Wheel by Brett Halliday
  74. From Russia With Love by Ian Fleming
  75. Many Long Years Ago by Ogden Nash
  76. Reflections on Our Friendship by American Greetings Corporation
  77. The Pope of Greenwich Village by Vincent Patrick
  78. The Lost City of Zork by Robin W. Bailey
  79. Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot
  80. Chasing Darkness by Richard Crais
  81. Resolution by Robert B. Parker
  82. Do As I Say (Not As I Do) by Peter Schweizer
  83. Elephants Can Remember by Agatha Christie
  84. The Man With The Golden Gun by Ian Fleming
  85. A Friend Forever Edited by Susan Polis Schutz
  86. Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity by John Stossel
  87. The Silencers by Donald Hamilton
  88. Invisible Prey by John Sandford
  89. The First Immortal by James L. Halperin
  90. True Grit by Charles Portis
  91. Crossword Poems Volume One by ed by Robert Norton
  92. 50 Great Horror Stories edited by John Canning
  93. Event Horizon by Steven E. McDonald
  94. 24 Girls in 7 Days by Alex Bradley
  95. Smarter by the Dozen by Dahlin/Tipple
  96. Back to the Future by George Gipe
  97. Elm Ave by Save the Heart of Webster, Inc.
  98. Indians of North America: The Aztecs by Frances F. Berdan
  99. The Explainer by edited by Bryan Curtis
  100. Rough Weather by Robert B. Parker
  101. TV Theme Song Trivia Book by Vincent Terrace
  102. The Three Musketeers (abridged) by Alexandre Dumas
  103. Heat by Michael Lupica
  104. The Wall by Jean-Paul Sartre
  105. The Lonely Silver Rain by John D. MacDonald
  106. Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life by Dave Stern
  107. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
  108. One More Time: The Best of Mike Royko by Mike Royko
  109. Sharpe's Tiger by Bernard Cornwell
  110. Back to the Future Part II by Craig Shaw Gardner
  111. The Moment She Was Gone by Evan Hunter
  112. The Great Lakes: A Photographic Journey by Ann McCarthy
  113. Godless: The Church of Liberalism by Ann Coulter
What's odd is how sometimes you can remember what you were doing when you were reading the books. The first of the books I read while painting my new office space and preparing for the transition to newborn fatherhood. Later, I read a stack of books rather quickly in the waiting room outside an ICU.

Also, I remember something of most the books I read, but the compilations are harder.

So what did you read last year?

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