Friday, January 30, 2009
But I Picked Pakistan/India In The Nuclear War Pool
It's a MAD, MAD, MAD world. Or it would be, if only mutual destruction between two opponents in a nuclear war was assured. Also, if both opponents were rational. In our new world, neither is a given.

North Korea Scraps Military Accords With South Korea:
    North Korea said it is scrapping all military and political agreements with South Korea, accusing the government in Seoul of pushing inter-Korean relations to "the brink of war."

    "All the agreed points concerning the issue of putting an end to the political and military confrontation between the north and south will be nullified," the reunification committee in Pyongyang said in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency today.

    The announcement comes less than two weeks after Kim Jong Il's regime threatened "strong military steps" in response to South Korea's confrontational policies and about two months after North Korea imposed border restrictions with South Korea.

    The regime has repeatedly called South Korean President Lee Myung Bak a "traitor" and a "sycophant to the U.S." It has demanded South Korea stop civic groups from launching balloons loaded with so-called propaganda leaflets criticizing Kim.
Sounds like a good on-the-job learning opportunity for President Obama, and perhaps a good chance for Hillary Clinton to dance and sip champagne with Kim Jong Il. No preconditions.

(Link seen on Ed Driscoll. Well, his site. Not literally on him.)

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