Saturday, November 15, 2008
Book Report: 50 Great Horror Stories edited by John Canning (1971)
In case you're wondering, I finished this book on November 3, a day before the election. I haven't posted on it because I've had other things on my mind, such as the way the world will be to me going forward. Pardon me for the delay.

I was going to entitle this post, or at least sum it up, as encapsulating this book as 50 Horror Stories We, British Editors, Could Anthologize On The Cheap. Because for the first couple of nights wherein I read the book, that's the sense I got. Fiction, poorly written in a British horror sense. We get a couple of ghost stories, and then a treatise on lycanthropy. Were the stories supposed to be spooky, or what?

After a couple glasses of cheap liquor, though, I got into it. Well, a couple of glasses of cheap liquor and a couple of nights of reading, perhaps interspersed with more compelling fiction. But these stories combine actual events with actual recountings of ghost stories, so if you're an Angliophile, you can get into it for the flavor of the past told from the recountings. If the spirit, so to speak, moves you, you can wonder, "Did the authors present this as a piece of fiction, or are they recounting an actual event but providing spooky music?"

Thus, I ultimately enjoyed the book more than I thought I would. One has to leave behnd one's expectation of horror stories, though, particularly if you're an American reader used to a bit more spookiness in the proceedings.

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