Friday, October 31, 2008
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles End Foreshadowed
The last episode of season one of The Sarah Connor Chronicles has foreshadowed how the series will end. Come 2011 (the new Judgment Day) or sometime before, it will end with a twist. Want to know what it is?

I'll speculate in a comment if anyone cares.

Sorry, Terminator 3 pretty much ended any interest I had in the storyline. Although, they *do* have Summer Glau, which is something.

Dude, I even read one of the books, remember. But it's still, philosophically speaking, an interesting deliberation on free will versus predestination if you look at it. Kind of like a Pascal's wager response to it; even if life is deterministic, you need to act as though it's not.

So you don't want to know the kumbaya ending? Come on, you know you do.

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