Friday, September 26, 2008
Two Weekends To Reshape Hollywood?
With Fireproof (only one paper reviewed it? Really? I hear showings for Saturday night here in St. Louis are already sold out) opening this weekend and An American Carol next--both to limited release--will boffo numbers for both refocus Hollywood money men on making films that people want to see that portray Christianity favorably or lampoon the taboo subjects of Liberalism?

Who am I kidding?

if the success of the Narnia movies and passion of the christ didn't make an impression on these idiots, not sure what will...maybe a pro iraq war movie that grosses 3/4's of a billion dollars ?

Hey, that gives me an idea. Maybe if the government produced a pro-Iraq war movie, it could make enough money to bail out the banking industry!

Even if there were a "blowing the doors of a house" blockbuster that was pro-war, not anti-Christian or in any way outside the Leftist view from Hollywood; it wouldn't make a difference to them in the slightest.

They've spent at least 4 years dropping "politically correct" multi-million dollar box office bombs on us, and it still hasn't dented their consciousness how far out of the mainstream they are in their political views.

It's always "it's too soon to do war movies" or some other excuse, just like the repeated failure of ultra-liberal presidential candidates is dismissed as "the liberal policies are too nuanced" rather than an outright rejection of those same policies.

Yet the money guys on Wall Street kept financing their ill-thought-out plots. My hope is that this credit crunch which is taking down so many of those Wall Street financiers will stop the money flow to Hollywood. That's the only real hope for any thing other than the same liberal cliches in anything coming out of that den of iniquity any time soon.

Hollywooders will probably write up some commentary in the trades and pundits will briefly reflect on how the market is underserved, and then Oliver Stone will begin work on his Barracuda screenplay, hoping that it will help pull him out of the hole from W..

Here's a review from the Boston Globe. It is disgusting and perfectly highlights too many cultural issues to mention. He faults the directors for ruining the real romance between the doctor and the fireman's wife. It's a disgusting review. I'm sure the film is not Hollywood-slick, but this is ridiculous.

I think you guys are missing the point. Hollywood isn't red or blue (state); they're green.
A few points:
1. If studio executives thought that projecting a blank white screen with psychedelic colors would rake in ticket sales, they'd go for it.
2. The current trend in Hollywood is blockbuster, CGI-effects franchise movies. If a conservative movie has those trappings, i.e. Narnia, it'll be a hit and they'll make more.
3. Most of all, the studios don't want to make anything other than big budget comic book movies.
Look at the hits of the last few years: The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Spider Man 3, Incredible Hulk, Pirates Of the Carribean (yeah, not based on a comic book, but it's comic-book like).
The next few years, we'll have: The Mighty Thor, The Justice League, Superman, Man of Steel, Spiderman 4&5 and on and on.
Stuff like Stone's W. don't REALLY matter in Hollywood. It won't make any money and everyone knows it. It's Stone's vanity project which he made with private investor money.

I took my 7 year old daughter to see Igor this afternoon. I thought to myself, surely John Cusak can't infect an animated kids movie with his Liberalism. Well, I was wrong. At least two obvious scenes (three if you were paying attention) were used to illustrate the "Bush's America is evil" allegory of the movie,(sigh). At least the kid enjoyed the movie.

Two things might get their attention ---

1. When Obama loses maybe they'll finally understand that when they endorse a candidate, it's the kiss of death.

2. Some smart politician is going to suggest a 'windfall actor compensation' tax -- say, everything an actor (or actress) makes over $500,000 is taxed at a 100% rate.

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