Tuesday, September 02, 2008
The Race to 10% Is On
Three sales tax increases are on the ballot this time around for St. Louis County.
    Joseph Goeke, Republican director of the St. Louis County Election Board, said this would mark the first time that a county ballot included three such proposals.

    "We went back through the records and couldn't find another," he said.

    The three taxes, if passed, would apply countywide, not just in the unincorporated areas. Two of the taxes would affect every consumer; the third would affect only those who spend more than $2,000 on out-of-state purchases.
Notice that this would only prove to be a .75% increase to all sales in St. Louis County if these pass, not including sales taxes by your municipality or "community improvement district" (aka unaccountable unelected bureaucracy enrichment zones).

A couple more penny increases each season, and suddenly we're talking real money, I suppose.

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