Monday, September 08, 2008
Business Owners Volunteer To Collect More Tax From Their Customers
A new taxing district adds its penny of sales tax to your purchases in the University City Loop:
    When Joe Edwards talks, people listen.

    So when Edwards became interested in developing a trolley line to serve The Loop, business leaders didn't blink — even when talk turned to creating a Transportation Development District.

    The district would use sales tax generated at businesses along Delmar Boulevard and DeBaliviere Avenue to partially fund construction and operation of The Loop Trolley.By a mail-in vote early this summer, voters approved creation of the district, which will begin collecting one cent of sale tax per dollar of purchase along the 2.2-mile proposed route for the Loop Trolley. The measure passed with more than 97 percent of those voting favoring the tax.
Of course those business owners were in favor of it. They don't pay the tax, they merely collect it. And the shiny trolley will bring them additional customers who don't realize that the rent-seeking business owners favor squeezing extra money from them.

I'd boycott the Loop, but I haven't gone there since I grew up, and, more to the point, since Sheldon's bookstore was gone.

Also, keep in mind, this penny is in addition to the other ones on the ballot. Those two miles of Delmar could have taxes go up as much as 1.75% just this year alone, not discounting any other "districts" sneaking their feather-bedding projects' taxes out of your pocket.

Yep, just the kind of silly project the Junior Commissars in U. City can't get enough of. Forget that recent article in the Post about their schools tanking, dying from white flight etc. This little trolley will get them oodles of free tv time, as our local media's fascination with all things shiney will never end.
On the other hand, I'll bet McClellan is all in favor.
No big deal to me, if I want to get my car broken into or stolen, there are plenty of cheap places to park it in other parts of town.

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