Saturday, August 02, 2008
Great Moments in Police Professionalism
Wellston police scuffle; guns drawn:
    A brawl between the newly chosen city police chief and his ousted predecessor resulted in guns being drawn on Friday and the mayor requiring medical attention for trying to intercede, police said.

    The new police chief was named about four days ago, said Pine Lawn Police Chief Rickey Collins, whose department is investigating at the request of the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney's office.

    The two men began pushing and shoving each other about 3 p.m in a meeting room inside Wellston's City Hall. Collins said he did not know what they argued about, though he said the former police chief recently had been demoted to assistant chief.

    Guns were pulled during the scuffle, but no shots were fired, Collins said.
Respect for law and order takes another hit.

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