Saturday, August 02, 2008
Good Book Hunting: Return to the Book of the Month Club
I've been so down about not finding much at garage sales lately that I fell prey to the Six for the Price Of One Book of the Month Club offer. I got these:

Book of the Month Club selections
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They include:
  • The fourth Dean Koontz Odd Thomas book, Odd Hours. I haven't read Brother Odd yet, but I'll find that at a book fair soon. The new copy was only twenty cents plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Note that it's in shrink wrap with a note. The note says, "We're sorry, there's a typo on the last page. It should say, 'Stormy was there to greet me. "Don't feel bad, Oddie," she said, "You did the best you could and that's all anyone could ask."' We hope this doesn't impede your enjoyment of the book. As if revealing the ending on the front cover would do such a thing.

  • Bonk, a book about sex.

  • Phantom Prey, a new Lucas Davenport novel by John Sandford and something I'll read right away to wash out the taste of No Witnesses.

  • Resolution, Robert B. Parker's sequel to Appaloosa. Notice I'm not buying Robert B. Parker novels at full price the minute they come out these days?

  • A Carl Hiaasen nonfiction book about golf.

  • Duma Key, a new Stephen King novel.

Wait, you only count five instead of six? Well, I don't remember what I ordered as the sixth book, but it certainly wasn't the nutritional science outrage book they shipped. Fortunately, though, one of Heather's reading interests is that sort of thing, so she wanted it. Keeps me from having to throw a pissy fit over getting shipped a random overstock book.

But, geez, the printing quality on these books has really diminished over the years. The paper is almost newsprint, word. I'm glad I didn't get any chick lit because my tears would make the ink run. It's hard to see me sticking with the club after my obligated One At Full Price escape clause.

Still, they're relatively recent novels, a year before I could get them on the book fair tables for a buck. To make it worthwhile, I have to read them all within the next year I guess.

I didn't know there were other Odd Thomas books. Brother Odd was one of the only Koontz books I really enjoyed. I'll have to get the rest now.

I agree that Odd Thomas seems to be an outlier in the Koontz obra.

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