Tuesday, July 08, 2008
My Kind Of Hardware Store
I just got my first Ace Rewards gift card, which means I've spent too much enough at Ace Hardware to warrant them giving me five dollars in merchandise because they know I'll buy thirty dollars worth of stuff when I come in.

The restrictions on the back make me wonder if I'm going to the wrong Ace, though.

My Ace doesn't stock liquor, tobacco, or firearms.

Prohibiting me from using this towards alcohol, tobacco, or firearms at Ace would seem to indicate that somewhere there's an Ace Hardware that stocks these things. I'd like to know which one(s) because I'd like to shop there instead of my boring old hardware store.

Couldn't find any Ace's in Vegas (even in the casinos) so I couldn't see if they carried guns or booze. I did manage to stimulate the Vegas economy.

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