Sunday, July 06, 2008
How To Barbecue Your Tofurkey
Clayton company says it has built a better grill:
    A Clayton entrepreneur is offering a solution for cooks who love to barbecue but find charcoal grills physically or environmentally distasteful. Bryce Rutter, founder and chief executive of Metaphase Design Group Inc., set up a company to produce a novel grill — one that takes up less space and uses up to 75 percent fewer charcoal briquettes than traditional models. Then Rutter went an environmental step further last month by acquiring the exclusive North American rights to import an all-natural charcoal made in the Philippines from coconut shells.
Guys, there's this thing called knowing your target audience, and the people who worry about charcoal grills being environmentally distasteful don't, you know, eat meat much less cook it over a flame. Their total food preparation experience involves leaving their lofts to go for sushi or Thai or Indian food.

But know that you've designed it, you'll discover the flawed business premise.

It's hard to say from just the article. They may have latched on to a fringe benefit of using the specialty charcoal and written about it because it's what interested the Post staff. Or the company may be anticipating charcoal bans from our elected betters and is positioning themselves. But if it sells on its own merits, then best of luck to them. In any case, I'll stick with my clean burning and fairly inexpensive propane. "Taste the meat, not the fuel!"

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