Thursday, July 17, 2008
Helping Deb With The Christmas Shopping
Deb of Boondoggled recently became a grandmother, which means this will be her first Christmas picking out gifts for a grandchild. As she lacks experience at this, we at MfBJN thought we'd share a little advice.

Anything on this list would be perfect.

You're welcome.

Aside from being traumatized that I am now known as a grandmother, that list is hysterical. Anything from this list would go very well with our baby's already purchased, Inappropriate Baby Book (it has entries for things like "The First Time I Peed on Someone" (that would be me actually and my daughter gleefully recorded the moment for posterity), etc.


I love the pee pee teepees.....ahahahahahaha....

You were already known as a, erm, mature woman. Might as well distract people with the grandmother thing.

Gee Brian.. what a pal you are. You've crushed an old woman's heart.

*whimper* *quiet sobs* *hobbling away*

Now where did I put those prunes? Get off my lawn you damn kids!

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