Monday, July 07, 2008
Doing It Wrong In The 21st Century
It's not often you see redevelopment plans like this in the 21st century:
    The Stevens family, owners of Sterling Pen Company based in Webster Groves, plan a major renovation to the 1936 "Quonset hut" building that has been unoccupied for more than 15 years. The building would be turned into office space.

    The exterior of the former brick warehouse, 8193 Big Bend, was modernized by the Stevens in the early 1990s, but the interior was never completed. The two-story building also has a basement.

    The development proposal does not call for any new construction, but would create parking for the newly-renovated building by demolishing the building currently occupied by Earth Designs. That property is also owned by the Stevens family, as is the building and property leased by the adjoining Roger's Produce, 625 E. Lockwood.

    Jeff De Pew, owner of Earth Designs, said he has been working with the Stevens family who has "made sure I have a viable and comfortable option" for relocation of his business.

    De Pew said he will move Earth Designs into a residential property at 624 Fair Oaks Ave., located directly behind his current location. The house is owned by the Stevens family, who plan a major renovation to the structure for use as a business. The home's backyard will be converted into additional parking. All access to the new development will be off of Big Bend, and not the residential neighborhood to the north.
What, the development company owns all the properties itself and doesn't need tax money to do the work?

Kudos to the Stevens family and Sterling Pen. I hope the city of Webster Groves doesn't veto the plan simply because it doesn't call for the government to exert undue influence.

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