Saturday, July 12, 2008
Bizarro World, Redux
St. Charles County cuts spending:
    Less-than-expected sales tax receipts spurred County Executive Steve Ehlmann today to order county agencies to reduce spending by 8 percent and to eliminate discretionary travel.
Whoa. Must be a stop gap measure until they can figure out how to raise taxes, but still. It's the sound of fiscal responsibility, if not the practice (but possibly the beginning of the practice).

Cruising bill hits a brick wall:
    "I am all too aware of the problems facing the areas targeted by cruising. The cruisers, many of whom are not from St. Louis, are terrorizing our neighborhoods," Reed said in a statement. "Something needs to be done, but pushing through flawed legislation, which in this bill only continues to erode civil liberties, is not the answer."
Not passing a poor law just because they can? What sanity-flavored Kool Aid are those alderman drinking? I'd think $4 a gallon gas will curb cruising better than making it illegal, but I'm just thinking back to my young cruising days and shuddering at the thought of putting the whole week's pay into the gas tank on Friday and Saturday nights, before the Kalt's burgers and Jolt Cola.

Maybe there is room for some slight optimism in the country and its governance today.

By today, I mean "this morning." Give me a couple hours and I'll work myself out of it.

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