Wednesday, June 04, 2008
Good Book Hunting: May 31, 2008
Last weekend, we hit a couple more garage sales and got a couple more books. Color you shocked, I say (if I can mix metaphors and allusions).

Here, we have:
Sports books, mostly
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    Instant Replay and Distant Replay by Jerry Kramer. I've read the first, but the copy I read didn't have a dust jacket. So one of these books is a replacement. The other: To Read.

  • A field guide to Missouri Wildflowers.

  • A couple of books by Eric Flint and Harry Turtledove, faves of the cool kids.

  • The Better Homes and Gardens New Garden Book, sort of like the red checkered cookbook, I hope.

  • Confessions of a Hooker, a book I'd bought the week before in softcover, but this is hardback, you see.
I also got a couple of pictures for a quarter each, as you can see. They're alkmost like Renoir.

Actually, this was the Concordia Lutheran Church sale, not last week. Sorry, in the immediate post-event period, time gets a little confusing.

I must not be one of the cool kids. 1632 is the only Eric Flint book that I've really liked, and Turtledove is pretty hit or miss, having become a lot more miss than hit as the years have gone by.

I haven't been that impressed with Turtledove myself, but I keep picking them up because some people say they're good. I keep hoping to see in them what the others do.

I have 1633 by Flint also, but I've discovered that's a sequel, so I haven't jumped on it in case I come across 1632. Also, I have plenty of other things to read.

Edgar Denison, who wrote Missouri Wildflowers, was a family friend and neighbor. Some of the pictures in the book were taken in our yard.

That and 5 bucks will get you a venti of coffee at Starbucks.

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