Monday, June 30, 2008
Fla. vandals tag 60 cars with anti-Obama messages:
    Police on Sunday were investigating vandals' spray-painting of dozens of city vehicles here, some with disparaging messages about the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.
Sounds like those racist Republicans, probably on purpose. But:
    They even left business cards on the vehicles that disparage both the Illinois senator and his rival, Republican John McCain. The cards voice support for Sen. Hillary Clinton, Obama's former opponent.
Fortunately, AP had one of its mysteriously present stringers on the scene:
    Mike Lowe, a videographer working for The Associated Press, first told police about the damage. He saw three cars with anti-Obama messages, while the others were just heavily painted.
Wait, I thought the headline said sixty cars were tagged with anti-Obamaisms. Truth is, it's only 3?

Can't anyone report the events without "hedging" the language into utter falsehood?

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