Monday, October 08, 2007
Neighboorhood Activists Agitate For Blackouts
Given how easily the power has gone out over the last year or so, you would think that residents would agitate for the local power company to do something. Actually, you're right. A series of "show trials" where the power company officials had to do some 'splainin before the elected officials and their hangers-on, the press.

And when the company, AmerenUE wants to do something, what does it get? You bet! Residents agitating that AmerenUE is doing something:
    Pam Schnebelen realizes that AmerenUE officials are going to have a tough time deciding on a route to build miles of transmission lines through Jefferson County.

    But, they better not come through the LaBarque Creek watershed area in northwestern Jefferson County, she said.

    "They are not going to build in this watershed," Schnebelen said. "They'll have to take any landowner to court to get an easement, because they can't compensate in dollars for the environmental impact involved."

    Schnebelen, 57, Judy Browne-D'Amico and Bob Coffing, 68, all members of the LaBarque Creek Watershed Landowners Committee, recently invited the Journal to see the LaBarque Creek watershed area. The area includes private property as well as public lands and is located off Route FF near the St. Louis County line. It covers about 13 square miles.
Why can't private industry use the same magic that the government uses to be all things to all voters?

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