Saturday, October 13, 2007
Good Book Hunting: October 6, 2008
Last Saturday, I did not go book hunting per se; I went to my mother's yard sale and spent all day down there, talking to the little old ladies (and my mother) and whatnot.

However, I did get a handful of material that I bought from others, received as gifts, or reclaimed instead of donating:
Books from our garage sale
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The stack to the left represents some children's books for the boy; the center stack, which I will not enumerate here, includes the aforementioned magazines, craft books, and home improvement materials I've reclaimed. Since they've been mine since the early part of the century when I was an eBay seller, I'm not trying to convince you they're new. They haven't been in the household for a couple of years, though.

New material includes:
  • Orvieto, a book about the city of Orvieto. Because I hadn't had one before, you know.

  • From Gold to Grey by Mary D. Brine, an 1886 collection of poetry given to me by one of the women at the garage sale because she knew I collected old books.

  • The Path of Vision by Bessie Mona Lasky, a collection of musings and paintings given to me by the same woman.

  • Richtofen: The True History of the Red Baron, mostly because I had been thinking of the song "Snoopy and the Red Baron" and its sequel "Snoopy's Christmas" by The Royal Guardsmen, and I need something to give me the real story.

  • A pair of Nat King Cole audiocassettes.

  • A pair of noir films, The Big Combo and Raw Deal (not the Schwarzeneggar film).

  • A Cary Grant three pack on VHS, including His Girl Friday, Charade, and Penny Serenade.
So the weekend wasn't a total loss as far as acquisitions are concerned.

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