Thursday, October 04, 2007
Book Report: Eight Black Horses by Ed McBain (1985)
I've read this book before, so I knew how it was going to end. I read it again anyway. That's what I like about McBain. That I like McBain. Or something.

This book is one of the Deaf Man books, which you know what that means if you know McBain. The 87th Precinct series are pretty straight ahead police procedurals, but a number of the books center on the heist designs of the arch criminal of the series, The Deaf Man. These books deal less with the investigation of a realistic crime than the heistalistic stylings and clues and eventual accidental collapse of the schemes. In this book, he begins sending clues to the 87th Precinct that usually indicates the heist he's going to pull. If he's playing fair. Oh, yeah, there's a dead body found in Grover Park, too.

The Deaf Man subseries aren't the best introduction to the series if you haven't read them before, but if you're familiar with the series, they're a understandable diversion. McBain must have had fun with them.

So I've read it more than once, and I'll probably read it again someday. The next time I find another copy on my to-read shelves. Which could be as early as December.

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Should I be concerned that I can't read the name "McBain" without thinking of Ranier Wolfcastle?

Son, I think you just learned an allusion.

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