Thursday, September 06, 2007
Well, It's A Single Standard At Least
Not that it's a good standard, but a black comedian has been censured for using the word nigger:
    A standup routine by black comedian Eddie Griffin was stopped after he repeatedly used the N-word, a magazine's spokesman said Wednesday.

    Griffin, who has appeared in movies such as "Undercover Brother" and "Date Movie" and the TV show "Malcolm & Eddie," was performing at a Black Enterprise magazine event in the Miami suburb of Doral on Friday when he was cut off after using profanities and the N-word, said Andrew Wadium, a spokesman for the publication.
So I guess the whole black people say it and nothing happens canard is done, so everyone who used it instead of saying what's the point in taking offense at a single word so much that it becomes a magic word? ought to feel vindicated. But they won't. And they shouldn't.

Yeh we've been talking about this over at Highbrid Nation. One thing that is for sure is that Eddie was not keeping in mind his audience when he started and the Black Enterprise people were not considering the material of Eddie when they booked him. Before it becomes a matter of if the N word is ok or not its a matter of thinking about the people you are gonna be dealing with.

Good point; it was his employers pulling the plug as opposed to protesters or some government entity.

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