Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Good Book Hunting: September 8, 2007
Well, it was okay book hunting. We hit some yard sales over in Kirkwood, where books were overpriced and lawns were cluttered with fascist lawn signs "No More Tear Downs" and "Preserve Our National Historic District" and "Taller than downtown" signs protesting an old folks home (that is, all your property rights belong to the communitariat, comrade).

In a smaller, less historic neighborhood that housed those other people (the lower classes), where construction occurred without protest, I bought a six volume set of the complete works of George Bernard Shaw for $3 and a copy of 2001: A Space Odyssey for $.25 (as previously noted. At another yard sale holding a freshly minted English degree (selections included anthologies, paperback copies of classics, and Marxist theory textbooks), I bought the Barnes and Noble edition of a Lovecraft biography and a little book of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings. The capitalist pig wanted $2.50, but I offered the ultimatum of $2.00, higher than I would have normally paid but I know she's got a hard life ahead of her with that sort of degree.

So here's the results, $5.25 later:

Kirkwood Garage Sale books
Click for full size

I don't expect we'll race back to Kirkwood anytime soon for the pickings. Apparently, the communitariat is too busy protesting its neighbors to read anything worth reading.

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