Thursday, September 06, 2007
Book Report: Dear Americans: Letters from the Desk of Ronald Reagan edited by Ralph E. Weber and Ralph A. Weber (2003)
This book collects some of the handwritten letters sent by Ronald Reagan during his presidency to people he knew, government officials, and the general public who wrote him. Apparently, the editors were noodling among the former president's library and uncovered this collection written in his own hand, which they felt gave it a personal touch that would get to the heart of who Reagan was or something. They picked some of the best from each year, add an introduction to each year that details what was going on at that time, and let her rip.

Of course this book reflects the best of what remember from Reagan: his optimism, his faith, and his conservative beliefs. These letters, often written in response to common person critics who wrote to him, do reinforce the man's impression. How cool is the thought, though, that if you had written Ronald Reagan, he might have dashed a couple lines off on his stationery in response. That's fascinating.

I worked on this book for a month or so, which explains my recent acquisitiveness of Reagania.

I've only read two or three books of letters in my life; this, Raymond Chandler's, and maybe Ayn Rand's. This one is the most accessible because I have direct memory of the events to which he refers and because the letters are very brief.


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