Thursday, August 09, 2007
What a Difference a Good Title Makes
On a book, perhaps, but certainly on a law:
    A Cole County judge on Wednesday struck down a new law that would have allowed more midwives to help deliver babies in Missouri.

    Circuit Judge Patricia Joyce declared the law unconstitutional. The law was attached to a health insurance bill, and Joyce said the title of that bill was too narrow to encompass midwifery.
Good to see that the Post-Dispatch is impartial on the matter. On one hand, we have:
    While a doctors' association praised the ruling, home-birth advocates promised to appeal it. Mary Ueland, who lobbies for midwives' interests, said she was confident the Missouri Supreme Court would uphold the law.
A dreaded lobbiest, a paid spokesperson for a vile interest group. And on the other side:
    The state's largest physicians' association, the Missouri State Medical Association, has fought the changes. Jeff Howell, the association's director of legislative affairs, said Wednesday that the new law would have "significantly lowered the standard of care for childbirth services, and we just don't think that's acceptable."
An association of physicians and its director of legislative affairs. In other words, a someone who lobbies for physicians' interests.

Perhaps the Post-Dispatch doesn't think its readers know any other words or thoughts aside from those it presents to them. Perhaps it's right.

Incidentally, Mary Ueland is not a paid lobbyist. She has gone through her life savings, plus accumulated thousands of dollars in debt in her efforts to secure freedom for Missouri families.

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