Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Town Councilchair Quarterbacks Go Three And Out
Sometimes when a municipality decides that its ideas about how to design and run the business are better than the business owner's, the business owner decides not to play:
    Menards has dropped plans to build a warehouse store at the east end of Grafton near the I-43 / Highway 60 interchange, saying village officials insisted on too many changes in the company's plans, a Menards official said Monday.

    "We just went as far as we could go revising the plans, and finally we said it wasn't worthwhile," said Marv Prochaska, the company's vice president of real estate. "At some point, you have to operate your business, and it was beyond the point where the deal made any sense.

    "It was just numerous, numerous small things that all added up to way too much, and it just didn't make any sense," he said.
Look on the bright side, Grafton! That's sales tax revenue you never had, so you won't have to worry about what to do if the location started making less year over year.

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