Saturday, August 18, 2007
Sick Joke
What is the difference between Michael Vick (Falcons' Vick Accused of Executing Dogs) and the city of Denver (Denver pit bull ban draws dog lovers' ire)?

Michael Vick bought his own pit bulls and "executed" them, whereas the city of Denver seized other people's pit bulls and "put them down" for the good of society.

Haha! No, I guess it's not funny. It's even less funny when you think of the lack of principles involved.

And you know what's really cheesing me off about the dogfighting thing? It's the perversion of the language. I mean, come on, a rape stand? That's not the term by which you buy them in the catalog; it's called a breeding stand, and it's designed so that mating dogs don't hurt each other during mating (or to hold the dog for grooming or whatnot). But the papers and the indignirati all use rape stand because rape is an automatic bad word above reproach. Like here's Brian J. Noggle saying that rape isn't rape when a breeding animal hasn't given its consent to be bred.

Or Michael Vick "executing" dogs. I mean, seriously, executing them? We've used that term to refer to a procedural sort of killing by some sort of authority, not tossing kittens in the river. But, again, it's an automatic bad word, worse than killing a dog, Michael Vick was executing them.

George Orwell would nod sadly but knowingly.

To say Noggle, one first must be able to say the "Nah."