Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Government Could Learn Something From Major League Sports
Since governments are spending so much money building/financing venues for sports teams, shouldn't they at least learn a lesson from the experience? Apparently, the risks of a long-term, high-dollar contract elude our elected "leaders":
    A month after the deadly Minneapolis bridge collapse, Missouri lawmakers are poised to approve a massive bridge repair project that could serve as a national roadmap for renovating aging infrastructure.

    Missouri plans to quadruple the pace of its bridge repairs by awarding a single, 30-year contract to fix and maintain 802 of its worst bridges.

    The sheer scope and duration of the project is so unusual that Missouri lawmakers are meeting in a special session to waive conventional contractor requirements. The House passed the plan overwhelmingly. The Senate is expected to give its final approval this week.
The key to good service is to guarantee a lot of money for a really long time.

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