Monday, November 13, 2006
Undeterred By Will of Citizens, Industry Group Vows To Seek Taxpayer Featherbedding Again
Tobacco tax defeat smacks hospitals:
    Missouri's hospitals weren't running for office last week, but they ended up among the losers.

    Voters rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that would have increased cigarette taxes by 80 cents a pack.

    Most of the money raised — about $289 million of the forecast $350 million — would have gone to Missouri's hospitals to help pay for the care of the state's lowest-income patients.

    The Missouri Hospital Association, the major supporter of the failed amendment, says it's not giving up.
That's the spirit, Missouri Hospital Association, you continue finding ways to have the taxpayers chip in to bolster your and your members' bottom lines. Don't give up.

Oh, I know, you're saying, "There goes MfBJN, attacking the poor again," but note, fellows, that any wide-ranging industry serves the poor. Just because it's health care doesn't mean it's exempt from my free market-loving scorn.

I mean, how many poor people could be served with the money spent in the Missouri Hospital Association's budget? Plenty, I would guess, but no doubt that capital is doing more good paying salaries and expenses for lobbyists who are self-selected to do the work for the poor.

Let's celebrate with a cigarette!

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