Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Election Results!
Preposition 1: Will Brian go to work today?

   Yes 111,110     No: 85,109     Passing

Amendment A: Will Brian take the trash to the curb on Wednesday night, as in past Wednesday night?

   Yes 191,688     No: 4,531     Passing

Proposition B: Will Brian J. read a portion of one or more books as recreation this evening, whose summaries he will report on his blog to the great acclaim of Just D?

   Yes 8     No: 1     Passing

Household Leader: Who will run the household?

Brian (Daddy): 1
Heather (Mommy): 781
Jimmy Ray (Dep.): 2,548,159

In other words, more of the same.

How could I have missed this post??

Oh my god.. I got a mention on your blog. I feel like a celebrity. hehe

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