Monday, November 13, 2006
City of St. Louis to Deploy Red Tape To Deter Thieves
As the price of scrap metal has risen, bad men have begun stealing or destroying working and expensive equipment to get at the copper or aluminum within. The City of St. Louis will do something to help deter the thieves. No, not rigorous enforcement of existing laws nor increased patrols and police presence on the street. Perish the thought.

The city will introduce new regulations that deputize (and burden) private industry and inconvenience law-abiding citizens:
    Alderman Lyda Krewson has an idea of what to do. She's proposing a law requiring scrap buyers to pay only by check and to photograph, fingerprint and even take the license plate number of every seller.

    Police say the paper trail would help stop the scourge of thefts from businesses and homes that has risen with the price of recycled metals.
Because it's easier to catch businesses in breaking the law because they don't run as fast nor do they shoot back at law enforcement.

Red tape: It's like duct tape for the government.

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