Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Those Generic Marauding Political Activists
The story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a headline that describes the hooliganism at a political event: Madison County political fundraiser leads to brawl.

The lead describes some of the mayhem:
    A brawl erupted hours after a political fundraiser ended for Madison County Treasurer Fred Bathon when his son punched a prominent funeral home director, police said.

    Jacob Bathon punched Mike Weber, owner of Weber Funeral Home, several times in the face at Rusty’s in Edwardsville, said Police Chief David Bopp.

    The fight was sparked by Weber’s refusal to place a political sign supporting Fred Bathon outside his business, sources said today.
Never mind, gentle reader, this is a generic young political activist. It could have happened to anyone, much like the political activist adult children who slash tires on election day.

But if you must know, gentle reader, the last line of the Post-Dispatch story identifies, for trivia's sake:
    Fred Bathon is seeking re-election as county treasurer. He is being opposed by Republican Kurt Prenzler.
All indirectly-like, see? The parent of this political activist is opposed by a Republican.

Could be a Libertarian.

Nice use of the passive voice by the PD, poor little Bathon.

They should call it the St. Louis Passive-Dispatch.

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