Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Hijinks Not A Felony, If You're The Police Chief's Son
In St. Charles, Missouri, two youths in an unmarked police unit pull over an off-duty police officer, who recognizes the youths as not really cops. The leader youth is charged with misdemeanor impersonating a police officer instead of the felony tampering or, you know, stealing a freaking police car.

The city of Ballwin, whose police car was misappropriated, chooses not to press charges:
    Banas said City Administrator Robert Kuntz had faxed a letter stating the following: "With regard to the case involving Brian Biederman and the use of his father's police vehicle, the city of Ballwin is not desirous of prosecution in this matter. Please find enclosed a notorized form of no prosecution from the city of Ballwin."
No doubt Ballwiin treats all youths, regardless of whether they're the fruit of the Police Chief's loins, with that amount of tolerance.

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