Sunday, October 01, 2006
As Cos Intended It
You have not played TI Invaders until you've played TI Invaders on the big screen:

TI Invaders on the big screen

On a side note, happy 25th birthday to the Texas Instruments TI 99/4a!

That is so very cool. I'm coming to your house for my next vacation.

You're a latecomer to this blog, aren't you?

You've missed recaps of Atari Party IV and Atari Party 5 as well as my confessional I am an old computer hoarder.

Although let it be known that I now have a third TI (pictured) which did come with an actual datasette.

WOW. I haven't seen one of those TI consoles in about 20 years.

Kudos on the Atari Parties. Have any of the old Atari comics anymore? I vaguely remember them coming with Yar's Revenge (as you noted), Centipede, and maybe Berseker. I'd google it but I'm feeling lazy.

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.

You call that a big screen? What is that, like 60"? How does 1040" sound to you? Wait, I'll show you!

Wow. I gotta do that at some point.

I'm currently writing a Retro site over at I grew up with the TI. That is one flash from the past for me. FANTASTIC.

It certainly was the best incarnation of the Space Invaders genre, bar NONE.

Cheers for that, mind if I use the image on my website for my TI Invaders review?


Fishsta, you can use the image as long as you let everyone know where you got it.

Cheers, Brian. I have uploaded my TI Invaders review now, along with a few other minor updates to my site.

The TI Invaders review is here:

Is that link ok for you?

All the best,

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