Thursday, November 03, 2005
Profit Tax On Media Companies!
An era of record movie prices, record newspaper prices, and record cable television rates coupled with increasing revenue?
    Time Warner Inc., the world's largest media company, reported an 80 percent increase in third-quarter earnings Wednesday and raised its stock repurchase program to $12.5 billion from $5 billion in an effort to meet shareholder demands to lift its slumping stock price.

    The New York-based company, whose properties include the Warner Bros. studio, HBO, CNN, a major cable TV company and Time magazine, posted net earnings of $897 million versus $499 million in the same period a year ago.
Time to levy a federal punitive tax on these businesses! After all, what's good for the oil companies should be good for the media companies who cheerlead immoral (even if rendered not illegitimate by faux populists in the legislature) profit confiscation and redistribution, ainna?

To say Noggle, one first must be able to say the "Nah."