Wednesday, October 05, 2005
World Trade Center Graffiti
Remember, Jesus loves the people you hate

Good to see the people behind the International Freedom Center had alternate plans.

You can find this particular gem of wisdom on a dark Post No Bills temporary construction wall just north of the former site of the World Trade Center. In case the author of this simplistic moralism--a member of the reality hemp-based community--should find through Googlism his or her words immortalized here, allow me to point out some finer flaws with the point he or she is trying to make:
  • It's Jesus's job to love everyone, not mine.

  • I don't hate the people of the individuals who destroyed the World Trade Center, et al. However:

  • If someone wants to kill me or my people for some abstract reason, or even for an acute reason, I'd prefer that person be incapacitated or killed. No hatred involved.
But nice try. Now go back to work; I don't want my tax-funded State Department employees slacking off.

I would like to thank you for bringing "It's Jesus's job to love everyone, not mine" to the collection of articulations in my head.

You know absolutely nothing about living like Jesus you poor, ignorant fool.

Please, come back and spend more money here. Love, NYC.

It's true, I am not a scholar and a church official like you, cardinal, but I lack the hubris to speak for a whole city.

You know a word that's fallen out of favor? "Cretin."

Thanks for your insipid input, though, and I wish you luck on your Google image search.

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