Saturday, October 08, 2005
The Great Magic Marker Felony
Magic Marker used in commission of felony:
    Students at Kirkwood High School provided information to police that helped lead to the arrests of four teenagers in the scrawlings of a racial slur and a swastika at two schools, police said Friday.

    Kirkwood Police Chief Jack Plummer said officers picked up the teenagers, one of whom is a juvenile, on Thursday and Friday on suspicion of vandalism and a hate crime, a felony. Plummer said officers sought one more suspect.

    The slurs were discovered Aug. 29 near the south entrance of Kirkwood High and at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Des Peres. Officers said the scrawlings, made in permanent marker, were a curse word, a racial slur and a swastika at Kirkwood, and a swastika at St. Paul's. The scrawlings included the phrase "the kings," a reference to a band the suspects like.
Well, then, it was permanent marker, so lock them all up for five years!

The magic hate crime designation multiplies every crime, no matter how trivial, into a felony. Say nigger, and it's free speech. Say kike while throwing a gum wrapper on the ground as you pass a synagogue, and you're penitentiary-eligible.

Thank you for the defense on this subject. I was one of the 5 involved in this crime. While the racism part was NOT me... i stand by that... The commission of the crime itself [outside of the racial comments left by ONE PERSON OF THE GROUP, who, ironically, didn't get much of a penalty in comparison to 2 of the group members] was bad, but NOT FELONY WORTHY. Why do i have felonies on my record for this? Why do i have 6 years of probation for a marker?

Sorry to rant on your blog, good sir. It just happens that you're the first one that ive come across who has the sentiment that this was blown completely out of proportion...

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