Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Development Will Occur Whether Unelected Officials Want It Or Not
Manchester mayor expects retail center will happen:
    In a tie vote, the Manchester Tax Increment Financing Commission declined Tuesday to recommend that the city approve the Manchester Highlands shopping center project - and the tax increment financing plan that would go with it.

    The six members of the commission appointed by city officials favored the Pace Properties Inc. project. The six members appointed by other jurisdictions, mainly St. Louis County and the Parkway School District, opposed the proposal.

    Aldermen are expected to consider the commission's action at a meeting Nov. 7. Mayor Larry Miles said he expected the project to move forward anyway.
This isn't taxation without representation at all. It's reduction of taxation without representation, and although it does place a larger tax burden on the non-Elect amongst us who don't have the juice to impress municipal officials, it completely adheres to the founding philosophy of our nation. Also:
    Some city-appointed commission members urged Pace to avoid using eminent domain to get land for Manchester Highlands. Doug Huff, vice president of Pace, said his company generally avoided its use.
As a mere citizen of a former representative democracy, where governments exercised emininent domain and other rights ceded to governments by its citizens, I supplicantly plead that Pace also not raise an army and compel me to shop at its little principalities scattered among the formerly free city-states that comprise what was the United States of America.

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