Thursday, September 22, 2005
Ladies and gentlemen, I realized today with some sadness that I don't have any right to publish posts like this one, nor to dub upstanding pillars (and soon to be a flying buttress) of the community "Keith Tkachubbs" because I have never laced up the skates, put on the pads and helmet, and taken a stick out to "do battle" on a sheet of ice.

As such, I have no authority to proffer my opinions nor to suggest nor speculate on how a team should perform.

I am a chickenhock, and I apologize.

Maybe it's just Friday talking, but this is freakin' brilliant.

It could lead to a massive realignment of our societal paradigms (if that's a real word. I have my doubts...):

Never been a Vulcan, and yet are critical of a certain crewmember on the USS Enterprise? ChickenSpock.

Never been a member of INXS, but feel that New Sensation is overplayed? ChickenRock.

Never kept time accurately, but annoyed with your mantle timepiece? ChickenClock.

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