Friday, September 09, 2005
Real World a Harsh Mistress
Perhaps the striking Northwest mechanics should contemplate crawling back to their wife and begging her forgiveness:
    David Pounds, a 22-year mechanic, said he was thinking of changing careers, maybe selling cars. He's had job interviews, but hasn't had any offers.

    "People are reluctant to hire a guy on strike," he said.

    He has also had trouble finding a job that pays as much. Union mechanics made $70,000 a year on average. "The last company I interviewed with, the compensation was a joke," Pounds said.
The last company he interviewed with was probably not relying on government handouts to remain almost solvent, but that's unrelated, no doubt.

I dropped my folks off at the airport this morning, and the strikers were there. Coincidentally, the same morning that I heard the airline was hiring replacment workers.

Gee maybe that "we'd rather see them go bankrupt" stance wasn't such a great idea guys.

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