Friday, August 12, 2005
The Unfree State Project
Overthrow of the Flyovers:
    Next up on NPR was a discussion about how all the congressional districts have been gerrymandered so they are either Democrat or Republican. Thus neither party ever makes any real headway. These districts need to be redrawn so they are even. Yeah, like THAT's ever gonna happen. But, I do have a way that the Democrats can outsmart the Repubs on this one. Ready? Here it is....

    Move. Yup, that's right. Determine how many folks you need to keep on the coasts & in Illinois to maintain a majority. Hold a lottery or something, and the winners get to invade the Heartland and swing the balance of power. Now some states would be easy to overthrow, due to their small population, Wyoming & Montana come to mind. Others, that voted more heavily for Bush, Utah & Oklahoma, would require a larger concentration of the coastal experts to move in, register, vote & move out.
After all, it's worked for the Libertarians.

(Link seen on Dustbury.)

The democrats have a large number of people, they could move all to one side of the country and declare their independence from President Bush. And after Kerry wins their one party election he can be undecided and for and against the war at the same time.

Worked for the Libertarians? That is why I am not part of it. I will live free in any state I am in and will not move and invade a state.

Why do they have to screw up America? Why can't they just move to Canada & be happy in THAT socialist paradise?

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