Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Oppressive Bush Regime Dissident Round-Up Misses Virulent Bush Opponent
An author insults one of his readers:
    [Mark] Kurlansky said he was surprised to hear that Bush had taken his book to the ranch: "My first reaction was, 'Oh, he reads books?' "

    The author said he was a "virulent Bush opponent" who had given speeches denouncing the war in Iraq.

    "What I find fascinating, and it's probably a positive thing about the White House, is they don't seem to do any research about the writers when they pick the books," Kurlansky said.
But now that you're on record, sir; prepare for the firing squad.

What a humpwit. Not only has he insulted the president based on common, cliché groupthink from the virulent Bush opponents, but he's risked angering whatever readers and potential book buyers exist in the majority that elected Bush.

A pretty poor marketing decision, but perhaps he's just standing for his principles, which would seem to include not much beyond mauvais mots.

(Link seen on Ann Althouse.)

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