Saturday, August 27, 2005
It Pays To Specialize, But Sometimes Not Much
Thieves specialized in taking change from unlocked cars, police say:
    Bicycle-riding bandits rode the trails between Edwardsville and Granite City at night, hopping off their bikes to steal from hundreds of unlocked cars in subdivisions during the past six months, Granite City police allege.

    They didn't damage any vehicles, and it appears they ignored expensive stereos, preferring to steal cash and change, said Capt. Jeff Connor. "Their main goal was to gather all the change they could," he said. And they ignored vehicles with locked doors, he said.
One would hope this crime would bring less of a sentence than, say, a football player killing someone while driving drunk, but with today's court system, who can say?

Change is heavy on a bike. I'd advise the bandits to stick to paper money.


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