Thursday, August 11, 2005
Concealed Carry Leads to Streets Running Red with Camry Blood
Although they've often annoyed me, I've never considered this method of turning off someone else's car alarm when it goes off after reasonable hours:
    A man annoyed by a noisy car alarm fired at least three bullets into a Toyota Camry, silencing the alarm and bringing out police who hauled him away in handcuffs, authorities said.

    David Owen Rye, 48, was arrested and booked for investigation of reckless discharge of a firearm and felony vandalism, Sgt. John Adamczyk said. Rye allegedly told officers he grabbed his handgun and went out to put a stop to the car alarm.
However, this mechanism is not recommended, particularly as on of the Nogghicles has a flaky security system that sometimes starts yowling for odd reasons, including some odd sequence/combination of door openings and key placement. I don't want to die with my car. Thank you.

So... where DO you have to hit a Camry to silence the alarm?

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