Monday, July 11, 2005
Summer of the Pit Bull XVII
Seen on the Web site of the Animal Protection Association of Missouri:

Juda Patuta likes children, especially meaty ones.
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    Good with children, favorite toy is a blanket and
Funny how that sentence trails off, as though the copy writer couldn't finish it, ainna?

Current standings, Summer 2005:

Pit Bulls: 20
Sharks: 6
Alligators: 1
Sea Lions: 1

(Submitted to the Outside the Beltway Traffic Jam.)

Well I will say this , We had a pittbull and I was afraid how she would react around my newborn , and I recall flatly telling my husband that if she ever so much as made a wimper at the baby I would get rid of her , I guess I was frightened of the bad rap this type of dog has recieved , and its not fair , Her Name was Dawg she was more than wonderful with my baby son , and every littel cry he would make she was there to nudge me to him , yes she was incredible , and as my son got older she would just let him sit on her back while she was just laying on the floor , those two were inseperable .... the most she would attack was my flowers that I had bought and left on the table until I was ready to plant them , but that was because she was mad that I hadn't taken her out for a ride with us ...

But I am sure there are other wonderful stories about these types of dogs out there , we only hear of the bad , but It makes me wonder , why ? is it how they were raised ?

I've seen a lot of lying with statistics, but this one takes the cake. Here's another example of of pit bulls and children.

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