Wednesday, May 25, 2005
My Personal Nightmare
The keyboard has no letters on it.

I am the only member of my generation, and the last in human history, who does not touch type and needs to orient himself by looking at the keyboard. Why, once El Guapo swapped a couple of keys on my computer keyboard at work and I could not log in because my password wouldn't work--because it included one of the transposed keys.

(Link seen on /..)

I do not touch type either.

I asked The Girl today if they still had typing class in high school. She said they had it but it was part of a computer course. It doesn't sound like the old traditional course that we used to have, (that I never took....damn! that lack of psychic foretelling.)

Oh yeah. I definitely look at the keys....and find it spooky when other people don't.

I have really acidic hands and tend to wear out the print on the keys. Case in point is the work keyboard. You can't see but faint lines on the E. The S will be gone in 6 months. N and M - can barely tell the difference. R is fading fast, and L, well, L is not too far behind.

That keyboard would give me problems with the characters above the numbers. I'm a touch typist until I'm not. and @#$%^&**()_+ is about where the problems start. Not to mention the function keys...


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