Saturday, April 02, 2005
But He Still Killed Susan Gutweiler

From the sound of it, the case against Leonard Little was a little weak:
    On Friday, the only defense witness that Rosenblum called was Ladue police Officer Keneth Andreski, who was Stork's backup when Little was arrested and was standing five feet from the defendant when Little was given the sobriety tests.

    Stork had testified that Little was windmilling his arms and unable to stand on one foot. Andreski said he didn't recall seeing Little swinging his arms or holding them outward like airplane wings to keep his balance.

    Andreski said he didn't recall seeing Little swaying or using the Mercedes for support, as Stork had told the jury.

    Also testifying Friday was Sgt. Darin McClure. Under questioning by prosecutor Mark Bishop, McClure said he administered a breath test at the arrest scene on a portable machine and it showed that Little had been drinking. McClure said also he smelled alcohol on Little's breath.

    Under Rosenblum's questioning, McClure said Little wasn't stumbling, swaying, losing his balance or smelling of alcohol at the Ladue police station, where he was taken 18 minutes after the traffic stop.

    "Nothing in this case is consistent with intoxication," Rosenblum said.
Well, that's the flipside of fame and the law's engagement with you. On the first offense, you leave a mother dead and get a slap on the wrist; from there on out, every cop who pulls you over will try to railroad you for DUI.

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