Thursday, March 10, 2005
My State Legislator Coddles Corporation

I'm very disappointed to see that my State Senator has decided that a local company needs handouts to stick around:
    But the battle between Missouri and Illinois could be just heating up. Express Scripts would get an estimated $35 million in incentives from Illinois to move its headquarters across the Mississippi River, a Missouri state senator said he has learned.

    To keep the company in Missouri, Sen. John Loudon, R-Ballwin, said he has introduced an 11th-hour bill to improve Missouri's menu of economic incentives. He filed the bill March 1 after meeting with St. Louis County officials.

    "There is very real competition from other communities throughout the country that are making inquiries into one of our fastest-growing companies," said Denny Coleman, president of the St. Louis County Economic Council. "The array of incentives programs we have here are not as strong as our competitor states."
I don't remember reading much about the preeminence of corporations in this country's founding documents, but they certainly get a lot of attention and support from the governments, ainna?

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